Grown-Up Day

Today was the first day of my internship. I was so nervous, people. I cried last night. Haha. I’m such a scaredy cat. And for absolutely no reason. It went fantastically. I’m working in the education department in a museum about 40 miles away a few days a week. I’m gonna be working on a couple of projects, including digitizing an art education program and designing children’s activities for an exhibit about dinosaurs! Doesn’t that sound ridiculously fun? And my boss seems really nice and excited that I’ll be there.

There are cons. I’ll officially have three jobs during my winter break. I’ll be a paid researcher working for a professor. That job will help me afford rent and food. And I also had to get a second job working at *ugh* walmart in order to pay for the gas I’ll need to get to my unpaid job, which is really the career I want to take. Complicated much? Working for work, basically. But with this economy and my current geographical location, I don’t have much choice.

I am very, very excited though. I think I’ll work well in a museum setting, and I’m really eager to work with the public. GAH. I’m just happy about it. I’ll keep you all updated on how it goes, but as of now, I am very excited to be taking a step to start the rest of my life. Hah.


  1. thlsissaccyan said: GOOD LUCK! Soon you’ll be able to visit me, hehe. :)
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